My name is Precious. I am about to tell you a story about my transformation from

weighing 137 to 109 kg in 8 weeks using the 28 Day body transformation program 

I bought online from  Coach Olu Aijotan. A Nutrition and Fitness Coach.

I have been overweight since I was born. I always feel embarassed whenever I want

to use a public transport. People complaining I occupy lot's of space.

I have tried lots of weightloss pills going to the gym and workout for hours. I can tell

you those didn't work, Instead I was adding weight, which is very annoying.

I remember I bought a weightloss product from instagram for 75k which is very

expensive. It did work, but the result was very slow. I only lost 6kg after finishing the

products. Two weeks later I gained more weight which is very annoying and my 75k

waisted. I was very angry for the money I paid without achieving my desire results.

I called the company to complain, do you know what they said? that I should order for

their premium product which cost about 100k. When i heard that I angrily hung up the call.


I told myself I am not going to ever purchase any product concerning weightloss

again. I was living my normal life even though I wasn't happy that I am overweight.

One fateful day I was on facebook and I saw this ads on how to burn fats with a

special nigerian meal diet plan. I click on the ads watch the video about the product

and I was impressed so i decided to buy the product for 25K . Which is  way cheaper

compare to products I have purchase in the past that didn't work. Its a digital product

containing information on how to lose weight with a special nigerian meals.

Immediately I started following the process. Between a week I was seeing changes in

my body. I have started losing some fat. About a month the results was very

impressive, lost 18kg in a month. People who know me was like, how did you do it?.

Well I Smiled. Some of my friends who were overweight beg me to tell them the

secret. I told them about the product and they purchase it as well and start

getting similar results also.


There are lot's of People like me at there who have tried lot's of weightloss products

that didn't work or wasted money for gym and still yet nothing. Good news for you.

I am recommending what I did that work for me. Which is Coach Olu Aijotan 28 body

transformation program. Which he is selling for 12,500 naira today. Which is half

of what I spend on getting it And the crazy part is, You get your money back if it

didn't work for you which is unlikely because it has work for me and my friends.

The program can also make you burn belly fat and have a flat stomach if you are okay with your weight.

If you have Data you can watch the free video on how the program works. Its about 40 minutes. In the Video you will see why too much of fat is dangerous to the heart. He also talked about some Nigerian Meal you can eat to keep your weight in check. 

Click here to watch the free video

Here are some Coach Olu Aijotan clients that have used the 28 day body transformation program

Let me show you what people are saying on facebook about Coach Olu Aijotan

You can see people getting excited and wanting the products. Some who have used his free program have benefited from it. Remember i bought mine for 25k. He is doing a Promo Today. Don't Miss it. 

 If you used Coach Olu Aijotan 28 Day Body Transformation program for 90 days without achieving reasonable results, he will refund you back your money. Which is Crazy because those guys on instagram didnt refund my 75k for their product that didnt work.

There is a free video on how the 28 body transformation program works and more testimonies from users. Click here to watch it and also make a purchase of the program

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