Finally GET and MAINTAIN the RESULTS you’ve been looking for.

You are here ​​​​​​​​​because you want lasting solution to your excess weight

You are tired of jumping from one diet to another, trying out every new slimming tea or coffee or body wrap, only to be disappointed

You want to fit into all those amazing dresses you have sitting in your closet

You are tired of hearing people tell you, you can’t eat Nigerian foods and lose the weight

You are tired of buying bigger and bigger clothes whenever you go shopping

You are tired of this weight getting in the way of the things you want to do with your life

You can’t wait to gain your confidence back, so you can go out and live the life you truly want

The never ending cycle of losing weight only to add it back is frustrating...

Friends and even family have mocked you and blamed you for being big. Every time you try to start all over, they are there to remind you about all the times you’ve failed....

At this point you probably believe you’ll never lose the weight, you are thinking, maybe you are meant to be fat...

What if I told you, it's not your fault you've been unsuccessful

You have these terrible cravings you can’t seem to fight, no matter how disciplined you try to be

You’ve been told it’s a genetic thing, your family has always being big

You really really want to lose the weight, but you seem to lack the motivation to keep going

You keep starting and stopping, and you are wondering,

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I be like those people dropping the weight?”

“When will I share my own transformation?”

I have good news for you! YOU CAN GET THOSE RESULTS TOO!

Trust me I know where you are right now. It was the day someone asked if I was pregnant I knew I had to do something about my protruding belly. I was tired of buying only certain styles of clothing to make the belly less obvious. Over the next 2 years I struggled to get results...until I finally did!

I met Coach Olu Aijotan who showed me losing weight don't have to be hard. 

From the moment i followed his program losing weight have been easy for me.

I can eat as i like and still be losing weight. I don't have to go on strict diet anymore or work out for hours.

So the question is?

Are you ready to...

✅ Take charge of your body, and lose the weight once and for all

✅ Know what to eat to lower your blood sugar level

✅  Eat your favourite Nigerian meals while burning the fat?

✅  Be in control of food, rather than the food controlling you?

✅  lose the weight without STARVING

✅  regain your confidence and sexiness?

✅  To have your skin glow, and I mean glow! Like never before?

✅  Feel Lighter and healthier?

✅  Be in control of food, rather than the food controlling you?

Are you ready to start living your BEST LIFE



By Coach Olu Aijotan

This is the same program I used in achieving my weight loss Journey. I lost 25kg in 3 months with it. It's a one time payment program. 

This program is designed to help you lose 7-15kg per month and tone your entire body, including problem areas like your belly and arms. You will not only lose the fat, you’ll learn to keep it off forever and keep your blood sugar in check. rejuvenate your mind and body and reclaim your health!

You’ll achieve these and more eating Nigerian meals you love and without slaving at a gym! No more magic pills and bogus diets that don’t work. It’s time for REAL RESULTS!

This is what you are getting when you register for the 28 day body transformation program

By Coach Olu Aijotan

(1) MAIN: The 28 Days Weight Loss Meal Plan - Contains food time table (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner) to follow for 28 days.

(2) BONUS 1: The 100% Nigerian Weight Loss Cook Book - This cookbook explains in details how to prepare all the fat loss Nigerian meals you will need on this program.

(3) BONUS 2: The Flat Belly Detox program - This is a 3 weeks detox that contains detailed instructions on how to prepare the detox drinks and meals that will help you get rid of belly fat either you are a man or woman.

(4) BONUS 3: Daily Email Coaching for the 28 Days - These emails are to motivate you, guide you and follow up on you as your weight loss coach

(5) SPECIAL BONUS: Continuous 12 Months Updates On: Loosing weight and burning fat on a Nigerian diet permanently.

ALL FOR 12,500 Naira.


NOTE: All materials are delivered as digitally to make access easier and fast.

There is a free video on how the program works in details. If you watch the video this is what you will learn

✅ How the 28 day body transformation program works.

✅ How fat is store in our body

✅ How too much of fat can cause real health issues in our body.

✅ Two Nigerian meal you should add to your diet to burn fat.

✅ More testimonies from people who have used the program

The program is N12,500 naira. The program is working for me and thousands of people. Click the link below to take charge of your health today.

You can see how beautiful and Younger this women are when they lose weight.  Their Skin Are Glowing. You too can achieve this too with just Nigerian foods. Click the link below to get started. 

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